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Optimized Window Registry

Our Advance PC Protector, reconstruct the faulty program and remove harmful files to step up the system efficiency.


Always maintain a back up file to keep safe momentous files and data so that it can easily recover whenever required.

Improved System Response Time

Increase the pace of the system, by eliminating destructive and weed programs deeply from the computer.

Faster System Speeds

Speed up the efficiency of your system to experience a soothing and comfortable effect while operating it. We believe to deliver the happiness and excellent services in the shortest possible time.

Registry Repair Software

Our software assists you to deep scan your computer to fix error and repair registry against malicious codes and programs. It is compatible in window XP service pack3, window vista service pack1 and window 7, window 8 or window 10.

Smooth System Operation

Automatic deep scanning of computer software and data from time to time ensures the guarantee that you will not observe any interruption in the operations of your system at any point of time.


What our software can do for you

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Quick Scan

Its scan out the meemory,data root directory,boot scanning files which instantant remove of the file which vigorusly affect your pc preserving privacy as well as security.

Full Scan

Handling manually full scan spot out the allpossible file frome the sytem that may harm your pc like junk file ,registryclean,privacy sweep,system ,network,disk clean and enhance the system performance

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Junk Files Clean

Junk files cleaner is bound to intensify a PC performance by removing the junk data and the temp files spread over at diffrenet location of your system.

Registry Clean

Registry defrags all registry files, and powered your PC response times and application performances. You can also create backups of your registry changes within the application.

Internet Boost

Internet Booster instantaneously improves your system speed by briefly stopping unwanted system services and processes.

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Deep System Optimization

Deep system optimigation achieved by speed up the system, network and the hard disk.which automatically remove trash filesand unwanted stubbbornand ghost program.

Startup Accelerate

Here its gear up the application by removing the unwanted installed application in startup to accelerate the system startup.

Application Uninstallation

Here in this you can see the installed program to your system and you can easily uninstall the unused application.

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