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The Malware section fights against malicious programs to prevent damage and threats to PC security and sensitive data.


Maintain a backup file to keep momentous data safe and easily recover lost or damaged data, when required.

Improved System Response Time

Increase your system speed by eliminating destructive programs that might be slowing down your computer performance.

Faster System Speeds

Speed up your system efficiency to operate your PC faster and more smoothly.

Optimized Window Registry

Our Advance PC Protector reconstructs faulty programs and removes unwanted registry entries to enhance your system efficiency.

Smooth System Operation

Automatic deep scanning of computer software and data on a regular basis will ensure uninterrupted operation of your system at any point in time.


What our software can do for you

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Start Scan

It scans the memory, data root directory, boot scanning files, and other major segments of your PC architecture to give you an overview of all the issues and threats.

Last Scan Details

Last scan details displays previous scanning details, enlisting the number and type of errors found in the scanning process. An option to Re-scan is also provided, just in case you wish to Re-Scan your system.

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Malicious programs can cause damage to your computer and make it prone towards unethical and unauthorised activities on your system.

Registry Clean

Registry Cleaner defragments all registry files and power up your PC response time & application performance. You can also create backups of your registry changes within the application.

Internet Boost

Internet Privacy Cleaner removes Internet Privacy Files to give you a seamless and faster browsing experience.

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Malware Removal

The Malware section fights against malicious programs to prevent critical threat and damage to your PC data and security.

Startup Accelerate

Gear up your system boot time by removing unwanted applications from startup.

Application Uninstallation

Uninstall unwanted and unnecessary applications from your system that occupy meaningful space in your PC.

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